With the rise of infected people around the United States and the need to keep everyone safe, Peace will be closed for the foreseeable future. We will let everyone know when we will open again as soon as we know. If you are concerned about becoming infected with the virus, please do what your heart and mind tell you to do. If that means staying home and away from Church, our worship service is on cable at 3:30 p.m. on Sundays. Look on the back page of the newsletter to find the right channel for you.

Our giving will also suffer during this challenging time and we are letting people know that you can still give through Vanco. Please call Joan and she will send you a form to fill out. As soon as she has that back, she will then get you started with online giving. The choices are every week, twice a month or monthly. You can also give through your bank. Just call them and see what you need to do to keep your giving current. You can also mail your tithe to the church. It’s all up to you. By giving online, through your bank or mailing in your tithe, you are helping support the church during this challenging time.

As for the office, Joan is seriously considering working from home. Coming into the office only to get the mail and print what she needs to print. Everything else would be done in the safety of her home. In light of the virus, the van has stopped service for a month. We will start up again when our riders think it’s safe to return to church. Most important, is we need to keep praying for those who have been affected by the virus, our healthcare workers, our police and fire department, our businesses and our churches. Everyone is affected! Please stay safe