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The United Methodist Church is 12.5-million-strong global church that opens hearts, opens minds and open doors through active engagement with our world and community. Peace United Methodist Church is committed to making disciples for Jesus Christ and working with the community at large to make an impact for the kingdom!

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We’ve got something for everyone! Peace United Methodist Church offers a blended worship experience with a mix of contemporary praise and worship with classic hymns in a casually comfortable setting. We invite you to come as you are – whether it’s blue jeans, a suit and tie, dress, blouse, or slacks, it doesn’t matter!


Confirmation Sunday – May 19th

Celebrating "Confirmation Sunday" - May 19th   Last fall marked the continuance of a journey toward a new beginning for 6 youth. Their journey began with baptism.  “Baptism is a sacrament in which, “God uses common elements – in this case, water – as means or vehicles...

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Just did this 10 min..ago!👍👍

To my brothers and sisters in Christ at Peace United Methodist Church. This past week, the General Conference of the United Methodist Church met in St. Louis for a special called session to address the ongoing impasse in our denomination around LGBTQ inclusion in our church. In our system of church governance, the only group that “speaks for the church” is the General Conference. This body represents 12 million members from all over the globe.
As you may already know, the Conference voted to support the “Traditional Plan” which is legislation for a way forward that maintains the church’s previous standards of ordination and definition of marriage. The vote was won by a slim margin of a few percentage points. What was evident in the proceedings in St Louis is that our church is deeply divided over the extent to which LGBTQ individuals should be included in the life of the church. As Rev. Jorge Acevedo of the Florida annual conference has said, “In the aftermath of the UM vote, there are no winners.” Indeed, many people are feeling hurt and betrayed by the action of our General Conference. Others are glad that the Traditional Plan passed, but we need to acknowledge the harm that has been inflicted on others in our body. So, this Sunday, let us be in an attitude of repentance for all that we have done and all that we have left undone. Finally, as our DS Scott Carlson has said “We are certainly living into a fractured, uncertain time. But that doesn’t need to stop our congregations from being who we are, for caring about the needs that God has placed before us.”
-Rev. Wiley Gladney
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These are hard decision . Paul discusses the moral issues in scripture . We still deal with the same sins . We need to love the sinner but not the sin . We all need rules to follow and people who set examples for what is right . There is a time when we can no longer turn our heads from evil , if we want God's blessing . It is easy to look to man for our answers but God has some standards in scripture to follow and he tells us not to do what seems right in just our own eyes , the road is narrow to Heaven .I would rather see my brothers and sisters upset with a few rules and make it to heaven than miss out . The Lord disciplines those he loves and says to pray for those in authority .

And, please, still consider financially supporting our discriminatory and unaccepting mission.

Thank you for this posting.

Glad I'm not a Methodist. Wonder how many that were last week aren't this week?

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Welcome! At Peace United Methodist Church we are committed to becoming disciples of Jesus Christ through fellowship, friendship and service. Everyone has a purpose in God’s plan and we’re here to help you grow spiritually into the plan God has for your life. We hope you stop by sometime or send us an email to see how we can work together and transform this community!